For Odin’s sake: WARKINGS to conquer LUCKY BOB

To all of you upstanding followers of the kings of war: Odin’s ambassadors arrived at Lucky Bob to conquer not just our agency, but our working forces, too: We proudly welcome the mighty WARKINGS in our family.

Hear their story: “Four kings of war were knocking on Valhalla’s door to spend eternity in the realms of the gods. While waiting for admission, they told each other about the heroic deeds they survived in their lifetimes. Secretly listening to their stories, Odin decided that all living human beings on the Earth should know about these true stories of war and heroism. So he is about to send them back with the mission to spread the stories of their battles upon mankind. The WARKINGS were born and pure and unadulterated heavy metal became their religion. And Odin sent one of his Ravens to tell us, that we were chosen by the Allfather himself to stand side by side with the WARKINGS on their mission from the Gods.”


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