After more than 3 years in a very challenging and crazy business, we would like to spread the word and introduce ourselves and our extraordinary artists. In addition, we are pleased to announce our NEW family members: welcome boys and girls, we are looking forward to great times!!!
We would like to say thank you to everyone who works with us so far, no matter if business partner, artist, local promoter, label, sponsor, service supplier or team member: we are very happy to have you all and we are looking forward to further great moments…

Lucky Bob Music Agency are:
Andreas Bob -> Managing Director & Head of Business Affairs
Vassilios Maniatopoulos -> Managing Director & Head of Booking
Lisa Cornels -> Senior Product Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Kevin Tonge -> Senior Product Manager United Kingdom & Ireland
Daniel Gonzalez -> Product Manager Spain & Portugal
Stefan Weber -> Product Manager BeNeLux
Marcos Rodriguez -> Product Manager Latin America
Karim König -> Senior Artwork Manager
Oliver Bob -> Junior Product Manager Communications
Georgios Maniatopoulos -> Junior Product Manager Desktop Publishing

Lucky Bob Music Agency Artists are:
Crimes of Passion (UK)
Darker Half (AUS)
Devil’s Train (GER)
Dio Legacy (GER)
Emerald Sun (GRE)
Firewind (GRE)
Gus G (GRE)
Human Fortress (GER) -> NEW NEW NEW
Joe Lynn Turner (USA) -> in coop with Stahl Entertainment
Last Days of Eden (ESP) -> NEW NEW NEW
Like Snow (GER) -> in coop with ASS Concerts
Luke Gasser (CH)
Mystic Prophecy (GER)
Nazareth (SCO)
Ozzyfied (GER) -> NEW NEW NEW
Rage (GER)
Refuge (GER) -> in coop with Dragon Productions
Rheingold (GER) -> NEW NEW NEW
Sober (ESP)
Tri State Corner (GRE/GER/POL)
Vanish (GER)
Zardonic (VEN) -> NEW NEW NEW

Your LB Team

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