LUKE GASSER is back with his new album „The Judas Tree“

It’s only one year since multi-talented LUKE GASSER celebrated the release of his fourth english-speaking album „Mercy On Me“ in May 2017. Despite all his movie projects and the tour with the legendary NAZARETH in December 2017, LUKE has been writing new song material. With the release of his new album „The Judas Tree“ on June 6th, 2018, the busy Swiss artist is not only sticking to his usual release schedule of putting out a new album every 13 to 14 months; this time he has even increased the pace and comes forward with a double album containing 18 songs.
“The Judas Tree“ is another proof of LUKE GASSER’s seemingly endless creativity. Contrary to his predecessor album „Mercy On Me“, which was loaded of intoxicating rock songs, the new album shows the thoughtful side of LUKE GASSER, as it also proves the fact that the degree of hardness of a rock song isn’t really dependent on electric guitars and amplifiers. Though „The Judas Tree“ is an album, which is mainly characterized by acoustic guitars, you are in for a surprise, if you expect a collection of ballads now. This album is definitely more Rock’n’Roll than many other releases in the rock music genre, because rock music in its pure form is one thing above all: honest and made by hand, traditional and profound.

For some, „The Judas Tree” might be a surprise, but one can never tell what LUKE GASSER comes up with next. LUKE, the Swiss bundle of energy, does want he wants and what he burns for. Over and over again and straight from the heart. And damn good. Typically LUKE GASSER, so to speak.

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