Why is LUCKY BOB the right management/booking partner for you?


We (Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos and Andreas Bob) have seen several sites and explanations of those kind of services and we decided to not explain the topics a management should be responsible for in detail, as we believe every professional working artist knows exactly where he would need support. We will rather give an answer to the question „WHY IS LUCKY BOB THE RIGHT MUSIC MANAGEMENT PARTNER?“, by using a paradigm:

Let’s assume a MUSIC MANAGER is a FISH and an ARTIST is a BIRD. No one can swim like a fish does and no one else can fly like a bird…they both are high level professionals in their fields…although…they don’t really share anything…they live in different worlds and do have their issues to understand each other.

LUCKY BOB MUSIC AGENCY can be described in the above paradigm as the „DUCKS“. The team consist of former and STILL ACTIVE high professional musicians, who in addition have earned a University Degree in Economics, Applied Business and Technology Management and worked for more than 15 years in various Industries (Automotive, Metal, Music, Advertisement) as employed managers.

WHY DUCKS? As we all know, a DUCK can swim not too bad and can also fly fairly ok. It cannot swim as good as the fish or fly as good as the bird…but it can do both.

So….„WHY IS LUCKY BOB THE RIGHT MUSIC MANAGEMENT PARTNER?“ -> Cause we understand both sides!!! Our efforts and decisions were, are and will be in favor of the artist!

Lucky Bob Music Agency GmbH
Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos and Andreas Bob